AvaTrade is one of the top and the most desired professional-grade trading platform, which provides access to a broad selection of financial markets. This is the reliable service for all the traders and it doesn’t matter whether they are experienced or just beginners. Since its inception, AvaTrade has taken its place among the leading online brokers, providing customers with reliable and easy-to-use solutions and platforms licensed in various countries and regions of the world. It offers a great variation of trading platforms that allow all the users to watch the markets, apply their own analysis, and execute trades from their desktop. Every AvaTrade client can count on professional support and complete security. This company is quite reliable, caring for the comfort of its customers and, most importantly, honest with respect to funds transactions.

AvaTrade clients are able to choose different trading platforms, each of them is designed for the corresponding trading method and fulfills all the trader’s needs. AvaTrade presents the diversity of trading platforms for manual as well as for automated trading. For example, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and AvaTradeGo and their mobile version platforms are the best option for manual trading, while ZuluTrade, DupiTrade and MQL5 are suitable for those who prefer automated trading.

avatrade platforms

All the users have the opportunity to choose among the following trading platforms:

Automated trading

Automated trading

This is the best platform for the beginners. Automated trading help analyze the current market situation, open and close deals, and much more – that is, everything you need for profitable trading. This platform has a lot of advantages for users as it demands minimum trader employment, gives the possibility of combining manual and automated trading. Gradually reduces trade risks and offers the ability to use the trading strategies of other traders.

Mac trading


It is designed for Mac computers and it almost doesn’t differ from MetaTrader 4 platform for Windows. This platform presents a full technical analysis: over 50 indicators and graphical tools, supports a large number of orders, guarantees full data backup and security.

Web trading

Web trading

This trading platform allows all the users to enjoy all the advantages of Internet trading, but there is no need to use the same computer all the time. It provides mobility for traders and allows using this flexible system for more creative purposes.

Mobile trading

Mobile trading

Such platforms are the best options for those who appreciate the availability of trading operations.

The proprietary AvaTradeAct platform

The platform will become your individual consultant and help you understand trading with a user-friendly interface. You can install AvaTradeAct on a computer or mobile device, there is also the possibility of trading from the browser.

MT4 platform (MetaTrader 4)

MetaTrader 4

MT4 is the most efficient and reliable trading platform in the world, which offers you accounts with a fixed or floating spread, as well as accounts for spread betting. The best option for every user is that they can use MT4 on a computer, iOS and Android mobile device, or simply through a browser. It is also used to discuss trading, programming, strategies, share experience and knowledge.

Meta Trader 4 platform for floating spreads.

Floating spreads vary throughout the day, depending on market volatility and available liquidity. But this platform has a certain trading strategy aimed at making a profit.

Ava options

Ava options

This is the latest and the most profitable platform. It integrates the flexibility and power of FX Options with FX Spot letting traders to increase income.

Trading with the help of AvaTrade broker is much more profitable than independent work with different stock exchanges. This trading broker allows you to start the trading process as soon as you want, since registration takes a minimum of time.

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