Welcome to my AvaTrade review! If you really want to find out how to make money with AvaTrade, then you are in the right place. I’m ready to share all the secrets and tell you how to trade with this wonderful platform. Don’t be afraid of online trading, as this is the wonderful opportunity for everyone who has at least $100 to earn money. But, first of all, let’s learn about the AVaTrade platform in detail.

AvaTrade: What Is It?

What Is It AvaTrade

According to official data, the broker has been providing services since 2006. At the moment, about 200 thousand traders from around the world have decided to start cooperation with AvaTrade and this information is indicated on the company’s website. This is a reliable trading platform which attracts more and more traders every day.
It’s possible to say that Ava platform is famous with its best trading features. Every user has the opportunity to open demo-account and understand the platform’s mechanism of action before starting the real trading. Also AvaTrade members have access to trading cards and the best deposit and withdrawal options and the unique ability to work with more than 250 assets in the form of various currencies, cryptocurrency, commodities, indexes and stocks.
This company has a lot of advantages that help traders easily earn money. AvaTrade offers:

  • Scalping allowed.
  • You can use automatic systems, charts, indicators and advisers.
  • Large selection of trading tools.
  • There is a choice of investment decisions.
  • Favorable offers for customers that have the “Golden” status.
  • Large selection of deposit and withdrawal funds.
  • Bonuses and promotions for customers with “Gold” status and newcomers.
  • Tutorials.
  • No commissions.

Among the shortcomings noted by many traders, it should be indicated the inconvenience of using the site. So, the company is in the top 100 of the best, but it does not occupy a leading position. Hundreds of professionals and financiers are working to modernize the site around the clock, which means that a quick solution with a poor interface will be found.

Should I Open an Account with AvaTrade?

Open Account with AvaTrade
AvaTrade is a financial and investment platform where various assets are bought and sold. All world exchanges are divided into three main categories – raw materials (oil, metals, grain crops, etc.), stock (shares, futures, bonds), currency (money from different countries) and cryptocurrency. Separately it’s possible to highlight the exchange of precious metals. The trader’s earnings are formed due to the difference in the price (quotes) of the bought and sold assets.
Brokerage platform is a multifunctional system that provides a trader with all the necessary tools for making deals. Such projects charge a fee for their services, which is compensated by guarantees of security of contracts and deposits. At the same time, AvaTrade provides their clients with a wide range of benefits and opportunities.
AvaTrade is a highly recommended trading platform as it gives you the opportunity to trade and earn money even if the markets are low.

To start trading on the AvaTrade, you must have the following three factors:

  1. the desire to constantly learn, improving in the profession of a trader;
  2. availability of start-up capital, which may be a relatively small amount (for example, $ 200-300);
  3. serious attitude to study all the nuances of stock trading at the initial stage, complemented by intensive training with a demo account.

Today on the Internet you can find an impressive number of training lessons that help you learn the basics of stock trading. It should be understood that only long-term practice when working with conditional and real money can bring a participant to a transaction at the optimum level of profitability.

IMPORTANT! Any exchange transactions involve certain risks. In this world, there is no 100% guarantee. The key task of a skilled trader is to minimize such risks with the help of a wide arsenal of legal tools. If you seriously decide to start trading with AvaTrade, at any time be prepared for certain losses, which in the case of the right strategy will always be less than the total income.

How to Make Money with AvaTrade?

How to Make Money with AvaTrade
And now I would like to share some important tips that will help you earn additional income with AvaTrade platform. It’s very easy and comfortable, and all you need to do is to be attentive and have strong desire to become the best.

If you have entered this monetary arena for the first time, then you should take elementary training courses. AvaTrade company provides new users with informative educational materials, free trading webinars and online courses in order to explore more carefully the platform’s peculiarities and possibilities. Now there are both full-time and distant (online) courses (webinars), in which the main function of the foreign exchange market and its opportunities are shown.

It is important to pay attention to your own psychology. Any trade leads to serious emotional experiences. The trader must choose the strategy that brings him the least discomfort. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to work without any losses. Patience and discipline are the grail that leads to income. It is said that the investor should not be dependent on any news sources. Everything you need is already reflected in the price. Today there are indicators that allow you to calculate trading plans.

The work in the foreign exchange market should pursue a tangible goal. It must be withdrawn earned money. To withdraw earnings is also a very important feature of profitable trading. Set yourself a small goal to begin with. To understand how to make money with AvaTrade, you need to change yourself and your way of thinking to become an active trader, because there is nothing more permanent than changeability.

In order to understand how to make money on Forex, it is necessary to learn, first of all, to analyze the markets. There are two main parameters – technical and fundamental. The quotes are constantly changing. Trends replace the correction, there are market reversals. All this is necessary in the process of work. Technical analysis allows traders to earn even without knowledge in the field of economics. It includes various indicators, graphic patterns and mathematical statistics. With it, you can determine the direction and moments when its strength dries out.
Another important point is capital and risk management. Professional and experienced traders achieve results that require serious control over their own deposit and minimizing risks. In this case, it is necessary to invest in each specific transaction, and at the opening of each transaction limit risks.

The Main AvaTrade Step Rules

  • To get started, select and explore the financial service with which you will work with your trade deposit. It can be popular electronic money – Webmoney, PayPal or with registered bank cards Visa and Mastercard.
  • The second stage is the development of exchange terminology. A very important point on which the understanding of all future lessons, tips and predictions will depend. It should be noted that the modern dictionary of the trader includes at least 100 specific terms, the meaning of which you must fully understand.
  • Make a list of basic trading tools with common characteristics, options and opportunities. Carefully study each position with practical examples that will help you competently use the entire available arsenal of tools for successful transactions.
  • Go through the entire tutorial offered by the selected broker. In any case, intensively learn independently, there are plenty of opportunities online.
  • After passing these steps, start trading on a demo accounts. Take this moment as seriously as possible, as if you are risking real money. In such trainings all the knowledge you have received should be used.
  • Determine the amount of the initial deposit that you are willing to spend on a real stock market. At the same time, remember about the leverage that allows you to enter into transactions for amounts that are several times larger than the size of your deposit. Choose currency pairs for contracts, determine your strategy, replenish your trading account and start making money.
  • Step by Step Instructions

    To begin, download the distribution. In the menu on the company’s website select “Trading Platforms” – “Meta Trader 4” and click on the link “Download Meta Trader 4 here”. Run the installation file. Below is a step-by-step installation guide.

    1. I tick off that you agree with all the terms of the license agreement.
    2. AvaTrde - Meta Trader 4

    3. The program will download the missing files, after which the installation will be completed.
    4. When you first start check ping to the server. If our result is 60-70 ms this is a good indicator.

      Then select “File” – “Connect to the trading account”, enter “Login-Password” and press the button “Login”.

    5. Before you start trading, check out the spreads on the basic instruments.
    6. Forex basic instruments AvaTrade

    7. Choose the trading instrument, for example EUR/USD and open new order.
    8. EURUSD - AvaTrde

    9. You can adjust the necessary volume and then you can sell or buy by market. You can see “buy” and “sell” buttons and special boxes for setting up stop-loss and other options. In our case I’ve chosen the “buy by market” bottom.
    10. stop-loss

    That is one long trade for EUR/USD, so through the trade like this you are actually going theoretically make more money, as the value of EUR goes up. Additionally you can add leverage to all your trades.
    Meta Trader 4 supports
    Meta Trader 4 supports the so-called advisors, who provide active assistance to the client in the course of trading. It’s important to say that the AvaTrade MT4 has interface and clean graphics, which are really useful for both beginners and experienced traders.

    These simple step rules help me to earn above $ 10 000 per month. If you also want to make such a profit, don’t waste your time and follow the simple tips:

    1. choose the right currency pairs;
    2. use carefully the entire range of trading and stock instruments;
    3. be constantly interested in short-term and long-term economic, financial and political forecasts that may affect your quotes;
    4. skillfully use all the benefits and opportunities offered by AvaTrade;
    5. be mentally prepared for certain losses at the initial stage;
    6. take care of every dollar for the accumulation of strong capital with which you can earn even on minor currency fluctuations;
    7. diversify exchange contracts, reasonably distributing transactions among several currency pairs (stocks).
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