AvaTrade is a large international brokerage company, one of the leaders in providing online currency trading services. More than 50,000 people around the world are AvaTrade’s clients. The working capital of AvaTrade is more than twenty billion US dollars monthly. Forex broker AvaTrade was founded in 2006 by a team of professionals and experts in the field of financial Internet technologies and its main task is to carry out trading operations with currencies in real time.

Ava Trade was created for the needs of professional traders, taking into account all the demands of this sector of the financial market. AvaTrade is user-oriented service, it provides the best option for every client: from round-the-clock technical support in dozens of languages to innovative trade interface.

AvaTrade adheres to the highest standards of safe trading and does all the best to protect the financial assets of its customers. To maintain a high level of security, all modern advances in online banking technology are used. One of the main goals of modern investors is to find innovative ways to make a profit. That’s why Bitcoin trading is an integral part of AvaTrade.

Bitcoin Trading: What You Need to Know

Bitcoin is the world’s first digital currency, its popularity is growing ever stronger. The emergence of Bitcoin in the foreign exchange market was a revolutionary innovation in the field of trade. MetaTrader 4 platform provides the Bitcoin trading around the clock. Bitcoin derivatives, including CFDs, are extremely popular among traders due to the high volatility of this asset. Everyone knows the fact that Bitcoin trading has made many people billionaires over several years. Indeed, it was enough for them to simply buy at the right moment and wait just a couple of years, when the cost of Bitcoin rises to mind-blowing heights. There are a lot of prerequisites for the fact that in the future the cost of cryptocurrency will rise to an even higher price level than before.

One of the greatest advantages of Bitcoin is that unlike fiat money, it has no locality. It means that you can send and receive this cryptocurrency at any corner of the world, and all you need is just the Internet access. Bitcoin offers the opportunity to pass on wealth in an untaxed form, as the result, any user has the opportunity to make an impressive profit without additional expenses. The main aim of this new technology is to help people buy, sell and invest without having to count on banks or any other financial institutions.

To tell the truth, the media plays a great role in the Bitcoin volatility. Because of the media, the rate of Bitkion varies greatly, and traders have the opportunity to make a profit. The statistic has shown that traders themselves have greatly influenced the growing popularity of this cryptocurrency.

AvaTrade’s Bitcoin Trading Platform

AvaTrade Bitcoin trading is very easy and effective way of gaining money. All you need to do to start Bitcoin trading is: to open your online account and deposit money. Just $100 deposit makes trading available to any client, even with a minimal initial capital. The issue of crediting funds to a personal AvaTrade account is not difficult, because there are a lot of available deposit methods:

  • Bank card: Visa / MasterCard;
  • Bank transfer;
  • E-payments.

AvaTrade provides every user with a leverage of 10:1 for Bitcoins, as the e-currency is considered a very volatile asset. In fact, the leverage trading has both pros and cons. You can gain a higher profit if you correctly predict the Bitcoin price tendency (drop or rise) but if you are an inexperienced trader and cannot make the Bitcoin price prediction, there is a great risk of losing your entire investment. That’s why it is recommended to use the leverage only for those traders who perfectly know the past of Bitcoin, the potential future of the e-currency and for those who can realize what goes into a Bitcoin price prediction.

Bear in mind, before making any new and risky decisions it is advisable to consult with professionals. If you don’t want to use AvaTrade leverage you can always buy Bitcoins identical in cost to your bankroll.

Bitcoin Trading: Advantages of AvaTrade Platform

AvaTrade platform has a lot of advantages that can make your Bitcoin Trading much easier.

  1. Uncompromised Safety;
  2. Fixed spread;
  3. Free trading tools;
  4. Daily Currency Market Analytics;
  5. Round-the-clock trading and support;
  6. Instant Trading with Credit Card, PayPal, etc.;
  7. The minimum deposit for trading is $ 100;
  8. Leverage 10:1;
  9. No commission or hidden fees;
  10. Euro or US accounts;
  11. Instant withdrawal of funds from Ava Debit Card.

AvaTrade company has long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with its customers. The professional AvaTrade staff will provide you with comprehensive support to ensure that your Bitcoin trading in the Forex market is successful and secure.

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