Our thorough AvaTrade review can confirm that indeed the platform allows one to purchase or offload bitcoins for profit based on market conditions. Bitcoin trading by itself offers numerous benefits. For instance, these cryptocurrencies have grown from what seemed like a joke to what is currently valued at $10,000.

One factor driving this growth is the emergence of a widened cryptocurrency ecosystem. To this end, Bitcoins serve as a reserve currency for the entire crypto economy in just a similar way that the U.S dollar remains the anchor currency for global trading. AvaTrade is often reviewed as one of the best online trading platforms for Bitcoin mainly because of the company’s ability to extend numerous bonuses and promotions (up to $10,000 in some instances). In addition, the trading platform offers a wide variety of learning resources to help one understand the rules of the game and how to maximize returns.

Besides that, the company offers live support which is available round-the-clock when the markets are open. They are able to respond to queries posted in multiple languages, all thanks to the fact that their teams are spread out in at least 34 countries across the globe. That said, the company has since 2006 opened its door to traders from over 150 countries. Its operations are duly registered and licensed by authorities in the European Union (EU) and BVI, in addition to Japan, South Africa as well as Australia.

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